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Press Release


Vegawatt Energizes Billy’s Chowder House

Boylston, MA, March 28, 2011Billy’s Chowder House, one of the oldest waterfront restaurants in Wells, Maine, became the first restaurant in the state to power their facility with a Vegawatt™ Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) generator. Billy’s is using the 6000 gallons of WVO produced onsite annually to produce electricity and hot water, eliminating the release of 21 tons of CO2 and saving over $24,000 in utility bills annually.

“I was looking at ways to streamline operations and head in a green direction. When I discovered Vegawatt and found out a system could turn my WVO into $4.03 a gallon, I jumped”, says Richard Varano, owner of Billy’s Chowder House. “This system makes a ton of sense for an establishment that goes through as much oil as we do, and the fact that it can be an emergency generator too is a great bonus.”

Any food service location with fryers can use the Vegawatt system to achieve substantial savings. From 30 to 120 gallons of WVO per week can be automatically processed into energy, replacing electricity and natural gas that would otherwise be purchased from the utilities. The Vegawatt Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology achieves an energy efficiency of over 90%, with none of the hazardous chemicals associated with biodiesel production.

Efficiency Maine recognized the promise of the Vegawatt technology and provided a grant to Billy’s Chowder House to purchase their Vegawatt system.

“The Vegawatt system at Billy’s Chowder House illustrates the full potential of the product; seamlessly integrating into the existing facility, continuously providing 40% of the power the facility uses, and capable of powering the restaurant if the grid goes out. Vegawatt systems enable restaurant owners to help themselves and the planet at the same time,” stated James Peret, President and CEO of Owl Power Company, and inventor of the Vegawatt.

About Owl Power Company

Owl Power Company’s award winning “Vegawatt” cogeneration systems produce renewable on-site power and hot water from waste vegetable oil for restaurants and commercial kitchens. Owl Power Company also produces customized cogeneration systems for larger foodservice facilities. For more information, visit www.vegawatt.com.

About Billy’s Chowder House

Billy’s Chowder House, established in 1979, is one of Wells' oldest waterfront restaurants with views of the Rachel Carson Wildlife Preserve. Billy’s works hard to present the finest and freshest fish you can find alongside their award winning clam chowder.

About Efficiency Maine

Efficiency Maine is an independent, not-for-profit organization that invests in cost-effective projects to reduce energy costs in Maine. The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act 2009 (ARRA) provided federal stimulus funds for this grant program.

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Vegawatt installation at Billy's Chowder House